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EDF intends to become Europe's leading e-mobility energy company by 2022. | EDF Asie

Thanks to its low-carbon energy mix, EDF will substantially contribute to the fight against global warming by supporting municipalities, businesses and residential customers with the development of clean mobility everywhere and for everyone. In order to achieve this goal, EDF is building an ecosystem of innovative players by forming strategic partnerships for the large-scale roll-out of the best technologies to support our customers .

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In the United Kingdom, there was an organic decrease in sales of 9 8 %, due to the impact of the lower number of residential customer accounts on power and gas sales... sales down due to a drop in the average number of residential customers In millions of euros Total United Kingdom Q1 2015 *3 375 Q1 2016 2 929 %

Being a Shareholder | EDF FR

Our activity concerns both international and residential customers... to help residential customers control their electricity consumption.

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Reduce energy consumption at home with EDF

To meet all the needs of its residential customers and help them use energy better, EDF has now adapted market offers, in addition to offers based on the regulated energy tariff. Solidarity.

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