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EDF's communication regarding the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant's No. 1 reactor | EDF FR

According to the data available to EDF, the radiochemical parameters of the primary circuit water remain below the regulatory thresholds in force at the Taishan plant, thresholds which are consistent with international practices. Analysis of the data available to EDF on fuel rod loss of sealing indicates that the situation is evolving; as such it is being continuously monitored by the operator .

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Our procurement process at EDF

Besides the regulatory thresholds, tenders are subject to prior publication in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). The companies already listed have online access to EDF's calls for tenders on the .

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Our responsibility | Cyclife

Cyclife France's integrated management system is regularly reviewed and improved on the basis of operating experience, developments at company level, and changes in the industrial and regulatory environment... The performance of radiological filtration and chemical cleaning systems ensures compliance with very strict thresholds.

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