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JERA and EDF Trading to form an LNG optimisation and trading joint venture | EDF France

As part of this transaction, EDF Trading North America, one of the leading marketers of gas and power in the region will be responsible for supplying electricity and natural gas to meet JERA's capacity requirements at the Freeport liquefaction terminal... This transaction is subject to customary regulatory approvals and is expected to be completed by early 2019.

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There also may be regulatory requirements for EMC immunity or emission. Our testing facilities can reproduce extreme weather attacks.

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EDF has detected quality deviations on certain welds of the main secondary system of the Flamanville EPR and has begun additional controls | EDF France

As from 21 March 2018, EDF detected quality deviations on the welding of the pipes of the main secondary system (1) of the Flamanville EPR, during the initial comprehensive inspection- a regulatory requirement prior to the plant startup. The initial comprehensive inspection consists, in particular, in the examination of the welds of the primary and secondary systems, and allows an initial reference state of the plant to be established before its entry into operation .

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Ethics and compliance: ethics charter | EDF France

Work to update the Group Ethics Charter began in the second half of 2018, in order to take into account the Company's strategy, new Group policies and any changes in the regulatory environment... A video open to all presents the requirements of this new Charter... reaffirm the Group's three core values in order to bring ethical requirements back to the heart of our corporate responsibility, with an introductory sentence from the Chairman and CEO underlining his commitment.

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Engineering | EDF Cyclife

Facility with a surface area of 18 000 metres, which can be extended on a modular basis to adapt to changes in the EDF Group's maintenance requirements... Project management, regulatory analysis, management of material flows, handling, radiation protection, all-trades skills... Project management, civil engineering, regulatory analysis, mechanical, process, radiation protection, ventilation.

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Generic Design Assessment process to begin for UK HPR1000 nuclear technology | EDF Asie

All nuclear operators in the UK must work within this strict regulatory framework, and all reactor designs satisfy the safety, security and environmental requirements of the Generic Design Assessment process. The proposed Bradwell project is in an early pre- planning stage which will involve years of investigative works and public consultations before detailed proposals are produced allowing a planning application to be made .


News | EDF Asie

(6) With unchanged legal and regulatory environment in France... -The Group's plans to optimise the working-capital requirement delivered a cumulated optimisation of euros 2 1 billion over the period 2015 2018, which allowed to exceed the euros 1 8 billion target.

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Quality inspections performed demonstrated that all assembly operations fulfil the expected requirements... changes in the competitive and regulatory framework of the energy markets.

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