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Sanya Integrated Energy | EDF Asie

Sites in France... In Sanya, a seaside city in the subtropical Hainan Province, EDF in partnership with Changfeng Energy (50 % shareholder) will build and operate a district cooling system which will supply chilled water for air conditioning and contribute also to the supply of sanitary hot water... CO2 REDUCTION COMPARED TO THE USE OF INDIVIDUAL COOLING SYSTEMS.

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Nuclear and gas generation in the North and South America

In addition to improved economic performance, the production system is environmentally effective: the natural resource is passed as efficiently as possible, avoiding steps such as outgassing into the atmosphere at high temperatures (400 °C) . The plant also showcases the state of Rio de Janeiro's first solar power plant- demonstrating EDF's renewable energy capabilities, fulfilling the plant's administrative electricity needs and creating a reduction of 250 tons of CO 2 emissions per year.

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Mobilised in the fight against global warming | EDF FR

The EDF group has made a commitment to reduce its direct CO 2 emissions significantly, with a target of 30 million tonnes in 2030 1 compared with 51 million tonnes in 2017 . This target, which represents a 40 % reduction in direct emissions compared with current levels, will leave the Group's emissions at approximately 40g / kWh . In particular, this will be achieved by closing down or adapting power stations run on coal and fuel oil, whilst speeding up the development of renewable production methods in addition to nuclear and hydraulic production.

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Reducing CO2 emissions for low-carbon buildings | EDF FR

The reduction of energy requirements and the use of renewable energies through heat networks, heat pumps and biomass enable a significant reduction in CO 2 emissions from buildings... With an average production of 4 kWh of heat for 1 kWh of electricity consumed, the heat pump (HP) enables both the control of energy bills and a significant reduction in CO 2 emissions from buildings.

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