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Announcement following the EDF Board of directors meeting held on April 8, 2015 | EDF France

In accordance with article L 225 42 1 of the French commercial code and the recommendations of the AFEP-MEDEF corporate governance code, the Board of directors of EDF, at its meeting held on April 8 2015, approved the following components of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer's compensation, upon proposal from the nominations and compensation Committee.

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Advisory Committees | EDF France

In terms of governance, the Committee oversees issues relating to corporate governance and ensures the implementation, via the Company's corporate bodies, of the principles and rules outlined in the AFEP MEDEF Code. The Committee reviews and gives its opinion, before examination by the Board, on the Company's financial position, the medium-term plan and the budget, the preliminary financial reports prepared by the Corporate Finance Division (company's financial statements, Group consolidated financial statements and Group management report), the monitoring of the Company's risks, audit and internal control, the insurance policy, the selection of Statutory Auditors, while ensuring their independence, and the fees paid to them, and the review of the financial aspects of external growth operations or disposals that are particularly significant in nature.

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Preventing the risks of fraud and corruption | EDF France

In accordance with the law's requirements and the recommendations of the French Anti- Corruption Agency (AFA) this code of conduct, which is binding on all employees, defines and illustrates, through practical cases, the different types of behaviour employees are likely to face as a result of the Company's business activities and organisation, and which should be prohibited given they may constitute acts of corruption or influence peddling.

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