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Africa 2019 | EDF Afrique

EDF is supporting its customers towards their energy projects through various solutions in all types of energy (hydropower, thermal, wind and sun, nuclear, biomass) and along the value chain of electricity, from production to households through networks: engineering consulting, construction management, technical assistance, delegated management of O&M, training, energy services, etc.

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Team | EDF FR

We, at EDF Lab Singapore, are a young and dynamic team with various academic and industrial backgrounds, with competences ranging from electrical engineering, power systems (renewable & storage, grids, markets), software development, data science, simulation, UX / UI design, transportation modelling, and urban liveability, to name a few !

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Cyclife expands its engineering capabilities in UK with the acquisition of Aquila Nuclear Engineering Ltd. | Cyclife

In order to pursue its development, Cyclife has chosen to acquire 100 % of the shared capital of Aquila Nuclear Engineering from Calder Group. Cyclife expands its engineering capabilities in UK with the acquisition of Aquila Nuclear Engineering Ltd... Cyclife, the EDF subsidiary in charge of international dismantling and radioactive waste management services, is pursuing its development in Europe by acquiring complementary engineering capabilities provided by Aquila Nuclear Engineering Ltd.

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Cyclife launches its Decommissioning business line in the UK | Cyclife

In addition to its existing catalogue of consultancy and services in Waste Management, Cyclife UK will serve customers with the support of its sister companies: in the development of graphite reactor dismantling tools from Graphitech, 3D scenario and dose modelling from Cyclife Digital Solutions, and a range of advanced engineering design skills and peer review / benchmarking from Cyclife Engineering.

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