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Environmental indicators | EDF France

In France, for example, Group companies apply the avoid-reduce-offset principle to all projects and existing facilities, which aims to avoid a net loss, and, preferably, even make a net gain in biodiversity, in line with article 69 of France's Biodiversity Act . The Group's practices have been compared with the international recommendations promoted by the BBOP (2) . Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, EDF Energy targets a net positive impact before 2030.

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Cyclife UK | EDF Cyclife

The Cyclife MRF (Metal Recycling Facility) is designed to support the United Kingdom 's Low- Level Waste Strategy. Cyclife UK Ltd is located on a three-hectare nuclear licensed site in Cumbria, in the North West of England... After they are treated, they are either recycled directly in the UK or recycled in other metal markets and the residues from treatment are disposed at the Low- Level Waste Repository.

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EDF management team in North and South America

Previously, Philippe worked at EDF Energy in the United Kingdom where he was responsible for the largest sales operations to business consumers... He was appointed in 1994 to the World Bank in Washington, D.C. as a Project Manager in the Africa Region Infrastructure Department... Before this, he was responsible for the industrial and commercial project of Dunkerque LNG, a new LNG terminal located North of France, which is the 2nd largest in continental Europe with an importing capacity amounting to 20 % of French and Belgian gas markets.

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10bn by 2020 A project to increase equity capital 1 2 At constant scope and exchange rates Excluding Linky and new developments net of disposals PRESS RELEASE 10 May 2016 Change in EDF Group sales In millions of euros France United Kingdom Italy Other International Other activities International & activities Total Group Other Q1 2015 *12 714 3 375 3 261 1 718 1 926 10 280 22 994 Q1 2016 12 101 2 929 3 114 1 513 1 785 9 341 21 442 %

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