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JERA and EDF Trading to form an LNG optimisation and trading joint venture | EDF France

JERA has been focusing on developing flexible LNG supply sources as flexible procurement is more important than ever before due to the large scale introduction of renewable power generation globally. EDFT has a successful third party LNG trading business and access to the European LNG and gas markets to enable the unloading, reloading and storage of LNG intank, and is one of the largest financial JKM traders in the market .

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Generation & engineering | EDF France

From design, construction, operation, maintenance, decommissioning and dismantling, at EDF, we support you throughout the entire life cycle of your generation or network projects. Production Hydro, thermal or nuclear power plants Electric transmission and distribution systems... The challenge: to promote the development of distributed energy generation, smart meters, network automation and demand side management in South America.

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Forecasting the weather for a better wind power generation prospect

Forecasting the weather for better control of wind and photovoltaic power generation... R&D's climate and weather laboratory has developed a software package that predicts wind and photovoltaic power generation levels. "We are able to forecast power generation levels on the basis of meteorological and climate data, such as sunlight levels, temperatures, wind, cloud movements and the solar cycle, given the fact that sunlight levels vary between dawn, midday and dusk".

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EDF Power Generation Expertise | EDF France

EDF Power Generation Expertise. EDF R&D, through its industrial expertise in power generation, provides advanced bespoke technical support in electrotechnics and mechanics of structures, at design and operations of industrial plants and their major equipment... Our services are dedicated to operators of power generation units and other industrial facilities, insurers, equipment manufacturers and structure designers.

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Put option agreement with PGE on EDF Polska's cogeneration and power generation assets | EDF France

Put option agreement with PGE on EDF Polska's cogeneration and power generation assets.

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Power output was also up, thanks to the improvement of the availability of generation units, in particular CHP units, following increased maintenance work in 2015... Another agreement concerns technical cooperation for projects of new power generation plants taking full advantage of EDF's know how in thermal engineering.

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generation, transmission, distribution, trading, power sales and energy services. World leader in the low carbon energy sector, the Group has developed a diversified generation mix based on nuclear power, hydropower, new renewable energies and fossil fuel power.

The press release of the October 2015 Green Bond issuance

generation, transmission distribution, trading, power sales and energy services. A global leader in carbon-free energies, the Group has developed a diversified generation mix based on nuclear power, hydropower, new renewable energies, and fossil fuels.

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Energy research Asia: power generation research

The Chinese projects are focused on nuclear as well as clean and highly efficient thermal power generation, smart networks, urban energy planning and sustainable cities projects, energy efficiency and energy storage, concentrated solar power and integration of renewable energy in electric systems.

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Thermal power plants and engineering services in the Middle East

EDF expertise and high-added value services in thermal generation concern combined cycle gas plants, open cycle gas turbine plants, diesel-fired power plants, steam driven power plants, CO 2 capture, adaptation and repowering of existing power plants. EDF contributes to the success of your thermal projects by leading the development and the management of the projects and by providing efficient operation & maintenance solutions based on a long experience in the complete life cycle of thermal power generation facilities.

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EDF Luminus - thermal power generation in Belgium

EDF Luminus has open-cycle thermal power stations in Angleur, Ghent (Ham), Izegem and Monsin as well as combined-cycle thermal power stations in Ghent (Ringvaart) and Seraing. Both power station types generate electricity by burning natural gas... Since 1958, the heat generated by the Ham power station in Ghent has been recovered in an optimum and environmentally friendly way.

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