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Future of solar energy : our innovative solutions | EDF Group

An alternative to the lack of land space capable of accommodating large-scale solar power plants on the ground or on roofs, floating solar energy installed on unused water bodies (quarry lakes, irrigation ponds, dam reservoirs, etc .) is a promising avenue to explore for the photovoltaic industry.

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Collective self-consumption: producing and consuming renewable energy locally | EDF France

They can be easily installed on the roofs of buildings, on car park shades, or even on the ground... Solutions for the entire photovoltaic value chain. As an expert in the development of photovoltaic installations, the EDF Group supports you throughout your collective self-consumption project... For added peace of mind, our subsidiary, (in French), operates and maintains your photovoltaic installations.

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Nuclear and gas generation in the North and South America

The company has clear commitments to the promotion of sustainable development- evidenced by its program of socio-environmental responsibilities and the plant's photovoltaic panel roof. In its everyday operations, has adopted socially responsible practices that permeate every interaction with employees, collaborators, suppliers, public authorities, academic and cultural institutions and non- governmental organizations .

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