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Electricity generation and gas utility in Italy

Specifically, Edison's installed capacity includes 1 110 MW from hydroelectric power plants, 600 MW from wind farms, 13 MW from photovoltaic systems and 6 MW from biomasses system. Edison abroad.

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Inc (doing business as" groSolar") ,a player specialised in the development, sale and installation of solar photovoltaic plants for utilities, corporations, and industrial operators. Established 18 years ago in Vermont, groSolar is comprised of approximately 50 employees and ranks among the leading operators in the U.S. in this specific segment of solar project development with an average installation capacity of 5 MWp .

Future of solar energy : our innovative solutions | EDF Group

EDF makes use of all its R&D expertise and relies on the most innovative partners to improve production, lower costs, facilitate network integration and maintain its photovoltaic plants... An alternative to the lack of land space capable of accommodating large-scale solar power plants on the ground or on roofs, floating solar energy installed on unused water bodies (quarry lakes, irrigation ponds, dam reservoirs, etc .) is a promising avenue to explore for the photovoltaic industry.

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Renewables | EDF India

In 2015, we completed a 120 MWp project combining five photovoltaic plants equipped with a total of 612 000 solar panels. Situated in the Thar desert of Rajasthan in the north of India, the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission was constructed by our joint venture ACME Solar .

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Promoting our low-carbon model around the world | EDF Group

The EDF Group is present in Chile in the thermal and renewable energy sectors, notably via its partnership with the Chilean company Andes Mining & Energy (AME), and is building the country's largest solar power plant (480 MW) . EDF Renewables is also present in Chile with the Bolero solar power plant in the Atacama Desert, Santiago Solar photovoltaic power plant and Cabo Leones wind farm.

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