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EDF activities in Asia : China, Japan, South Korea

As part of this strategy, EDF is involved in projects that reflect the company's strong track record in developing long-term partnerships, and in initiatives that reflect EDF's corporate and environmental values. 2 385 MW.

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Industrial issuers of €26 billion in green bonds pledge to double down on green financing | EDF France

These companies have joined forcesto voice their commitment to the green bond market as part of their strategy, financing policy and their active engagement in the reporting debate and dialogue with investors... Enel's position as one of the leaders of the energy transition is based in large part on the way in which sustainability and innovation form the basis of all aspects of the Group's industrial plan, including its financial strategy.

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Biodiversity | EDF France

Biodiversity: an integral part of the Group's strategy. EDF's activities are dependent on water, air and soil resources .

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EDF launches the first French microgrid demonstrator operational in Singapore | EDF Asie

EDF, Enedis and the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have launched the MASERA microgrid project (Microgrid for Affordable and Sustainable Electricity in Remote Areas), as part of the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) and the 2018 France Singapore Year of Innovation.

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The EDF Group enters the Egyptian renewable energy market | EDF Afrique

Located in Assouan, southern Egypt, the solar plants will be part of one of the largest solar complexes currently under construction anywhere in the world- Benban Solar Project -with a total capacity of 1 8 GWAC... The project contributes to EDF's ambition of reaching 50 GW in renewable installed capacity by 2030 and illustrates EDF's international strategy of breaking into markets with a high development potential.

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Innovation at the service of wildlife | EDF Luminus

The 4 solutions we are considering involve different technologies . The first consists in predicting the periods during which fish migrate downstream . This involves a new strategy for the operation of hydroelectric dams, taking into account the migration intensity of fish . The second solution consists in the installation of repellent screens guiding the fish migration to the adequate channels . The third solution is the installation of a migration outlet and the fourth and last solution, which is not included in the scope of the Life programme but is intrinsically linked to our project, is the installation of a new type of turbine, a so-called environmentally sustainable turbine . This turbine should enable us to further reduce our impact on fish fauna without jeopardising our energy production.

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As specified in the initial strategy approved by the ASN, the material sampling and related tests will be extended to three-fourths of the thickness of the part concerned. The purpose of these initial analyses is also to better specify the variability of the main manufacturing parameters of the different parts .

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