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Flamanville EPR: Advancement of Reactor Vessel Testing Programme AREVA, | EDF France

As specified in the initial strategy approved by the ASN, the material sampling and related tests will be extended to three-fourths of the thickness of the part concerned. The purpose of these initial analyses is also to better specify the variability of the main manufacturing parameters of the different parts .

All press folders | EDF France

Development of renewable energies: an ambitious goal as part of the CAP 2030 strategy. In France: a continued investment drive.


The EDF Group reaches a gigawatt of installed wind power in France | EDF France

For Antoine Cahuzac, Group Executive Director in charge of the Renewable Energy Division and Chief Executive Officer of EDF Energies Nouvelles, "As part of EDF' s CAP 2030 strategy, we have set ourselves the target of doubling our global installed capacity for renewable energy. To reach the milestone of one gigawatt of onshore wind power in France testifies to this commitment and represents an important step towards strengthening our position in France .

EDF Group commissions France's most powerful wind farm, the Ensemble Eolien Catalan facility | EDF France

As part of our CAP 2030 strategy, we will further accelerate our development in these energies in France. This illustrates our aim to build a diversified generation mix serving the energy transition .

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