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The EDF Group steps up its growth within the Chilean renewable energy sector | EDF France

Comprising 475 000 photovoltaic modules fitted with solar trackers, the Boléro solar plant covers an area of more than 500 hectares, tantamount to more than 700 football fields... EDF Energies Nouvelles is also gaining a foothold in the Chilean wind power sector and has announced its plans to build the Labo-Leones 1 plant with a capacity of 115 MW.

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EDF Transmission Network Engineering Projects in Africa

700 MW: that is how much power the High Grand Falls hydro-electric plant is expected to generate. EDF Transmission Network Engineering is playing a major role as general supervisor for the construction of the WAPP project. We 're providing all of our dispatching, telecontrol and project monitoring expertise in order to ensure smooth coordination between the 14 countries.

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News | EDF Russie

In the next stage of the project, scaling of the electrolysis plant in the order of 700 MW is planned, for which the electricity will be generated by an offshore wind farm. The project work conducted as part of WESTKÜSTE100 will lay the foundation for this and create the necessary know-how .

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