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Energy services Asia : energy management

The EDF Group activity in the field of urban energy is focused on district heating & cooling, distributed energy, industrial utilities, building energy efficiency and public lighting... EDF operates several district energy projects through its subsidiaries in China such as the operation of the public Lighting (80 000 lighting points) for the City of Kunming, capital of Yunnan province.

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EDF has strengthened its position in China with two new energy service contracts. | EDF Asie

The first contract concluded with the municipality of Sanya (700 000 inhabitants in the province of Hainan in the south of the country) covers design, construction and operation for thirty years of the network of chilled water (for air conditioning) and sanitation hot water production stations... Energy services: at the end of 2017, the Group was granted extension of its concession in the town of Sanmenxia (province of Henan), where EDF has been operating an optimised district heating network, based on recovery of heat from fossil-fuel power plants, in partnership with the Datang electricity company (35 %) since 2016 . After extension, the district heating network will supply 2 million square metres of town housing.

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