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2016 targets update and 2017 nuclear output outlook | EDF France

2016 targets update and 2017 nuclear output... 2016 targets update and 2017 nuclear output outlook. 1 . Nuclear output target... As a consequence, EDF Group revises its 2016 nuclear output target from 395 400 TWh to 380 390 TWh. Taking into account these controls and the investigations initiated following Areva 's audit at Le Creusot plant, EDF Group estimates to date that the 2017 nuclear output should be in the range of 390 400 TWh.

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Nuclear generation | EDF France

Find out on this page information concerning nuclear generation output in France and in the United Kindgom. Nuclear output in France... Nuclear output in January 2018 amounted to 40 8TWh, up 0.3TWh compared to January 2017 thanks to fewer outages but lower request of reactors in operation due to a particularly mild weather.

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Quarterly financial information - first nine months of 2012 | EDF France

France: nuclear output impacted by outage extensions... UK: high level of nuclear output.

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???? | EDF Asie

The strong operating performance- including a French nuclear output of at least 415 TWh, good control of operational expenditures, and the favourable outcome for Edison of the arbitration on the ENI contract, enable the Group to upgrade its EBITDA growth objective. The Group now expects at least 3 % organic growth of its 2015 EBITDA vs.

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in particular in France Sales negatively affected by mild winter weather Nuclear output down slightly in France due to weather conditions o o 116 1TWh... The Group adjusted its nuclear output target for 2016 to between 408 and 412TWh, to take into account the consequences on the duration of the outage of the handling accident that occurred on a steam generator at Paluel 's reactor 2.

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