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EDF Pulse Day: embracing the challenge of joint innovation

As competition winner in the Smart City category in 2014, its novel solution to provide natural lighting by fibre-optics for" blind" rooms, will soon be used to light up the Gare de Lyon metro station. The event was also attended by the startup Oreka, the winner of the EDF Pulse Normandy award last March, including a support package of 10 000 euros to continue the development of its SIMULHOM virtual reality software .

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Masdar and EDF Group conclude shareholder agreement to establish energy services company | EDF France

Some of these projects involve a novel contracting solution, called Energy Performance Contracts, under which the project is paid for over time via the savings achieved from the energy efficiency improvements. "Our overarching objective is to promote a sustainable development model to fully address our clients ' increasing energy needs while making a positive contribution to the fight against global warming, "said Valerie Levkov, EDF Senior Vice President, Africa, Middle East and Mediterranean .

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Cyclife to support UK NDA's decommissioning mission | EDF Cyclife

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) awarded R&D contracts to look for innovative solutions to the technical challenges of delivering the NDA's decommissioning mission... Cyclife are always striving to engage with our customers at the earliest possible stage and the NDA framework will give us the opportunity to offer strategic development and innovative technologies including novel treatment capabilities through our R&D process to full-scale commercial development.

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EDF intends to become Europe's leading e-mobility energy company by 2022. | EDF Asie

Through its subsidiary Sodetrel, the Group is aiming to deploy 75 000 charging points and provide its customers in Europe with access to 250 000 interoperable terminals by 2022 . EDF will also be developing novel charging solutions for all customers without access to a parking space, in particular through collaborative innovation initiated by EDF New Business and EDF R&D.

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