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AutonHome: the connected rehabilitation at home programme - EDF Pulse Awards

1.18M 130 000 new stroke cases, 150 000 Parkinson sufferers and almost 900 000 Alzheimer sufferers a year... In France, there are almost 130 000 strokes every year, around 3 000 000 falls among the elderly- a major factor in their becoming dependent- 150 000 new cases of Parkinson's disease and almost 900 000 cases of Alzheimer's disease.

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EDF Fenice energy efficiency services in Italy

Energy efficiency services Italy... Energy efficiency services Italy. Energy efficiency services Italy... EDF Fenice is the EDF Group's energy services specialist in Italy and it offers a complete range of services: energy audits and diagnoses, management mediations, planning, investment, installations, turnkey management and optimisation of complex energy plants.

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Paiement du solde du dividende 2015

1 10 per share with an option to receive the payment in new shares Payment modalities of the balance of the 2015 dividend EDF's Board of Directors... period for exercising the option to receive the payment in new shares 30 June 2016. payment of the balance of the 2015 dividend and settlement & delivery of the new shares The balance of the dividend to be paid for fiscal year 2015 amounts to 0 53 per share and 0 64 per share receiving the loyalty dividend.

CP Green Bond - Septembre 2015 - VA

With a maturity of 10 years, a total amount of US $1 25 billion and an annual fixed coupon of 3 625 %, this new Green Bond issue will further support EDF's investments in new renewable energy... The proceeds of the bond issue will be dedicated exclusively to new renewable energy projects developed by EDF Energies Nouvelles.


It will also evaluate new projects and models for off-grid energy solutions in that region... "We look forward to collaborating with EDF SA to unlock opportunities to address the acute need for modern energy services in subSaharan Africa... generation, transmission, distribution, trading, power sales and energy services.


Action plan presented on 22 April 2016 to support the Group's development under the CAP 2030 strategy o o o o Net investments (excluding Linky and excluding new developments) optimised by close to 2bn in 2018 compared to 2015... 10bn by 2020 A project to increase equity capital 1 2 At constant scope and exchange rates Excluding Linky and new developments net of disposals PRESS RELEASE 10 May 2016 Change in EDF Group sales In millions of euros France United Kingdom Italy Other International Other activities International & activities Total Group Other Q1 2015 *12 714 3 375 3 261 1 718 1 926 10 280 22 994 Q1 2016 12 101 2 929 3 114 1 513 1 785 9 341 21 442 %

EDF launches IZI by EDF, a new range of services to make EDF the partner of choice for peace of mind in French homes or small businesses. | EDF FR

EDF launches IZI by EDF, a new range of services to make EDF the partner of choice for peace of mind in French homes or small businesses... EDF is going to make the life easier for French people by launching IZI by EDF, its new platform offering access to day-to-day services in a few clicks of a button.

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Engineering, Trading & Services | EDF Germany

Our subsidiary specialises in the aggregation of local flexibilities, as well as renewable production and also a frontrunner in providing new digital services to the German energy market... EDF Trading also offers a variety of PPA products including long term PPAs and fixed price PPAs for post- subsidy new builds or those developers who want to optimise subsidised assets with merchant market services.

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