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Our responsibility | EDF Cyclife

The level of radioactivity in these effluents is very low (comparable with natural radioactivity). They are treated via chemical neutralisation and filtration, before being transferred to the Marcoule liquid effluent treatment station for release into the River Rhône .

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Decommissioning of nuclear power plants | EDF France

Once dismantling has been completed, the site returns to its natural radioactivity level. Monitoring is longer needed and the site can be used again .

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Nuclear fuel cycle: EDF present at all stages | EDF FR

To secure supplies of natural uranium, EDF procures it from a variety of mining operators in a number of countries, including Niger, Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia. Natural uranium is an ore that is extracted from both underground and open-cast mines... The assemblies have low radioactivity until they are used and no particular radiation protection is required when handling them.

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