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ECHY: natural lighting via fibre optics - EDF Pulse Awards

ECHY: bringing the comfort of natural light into building... The concept involves solar collectors on the outside of buildings, which concentrate natural light... This natural lighting solution, which brings the benefits of natural light to, all won over voters at the 2014 EDF Pulse Awards, where it was chosen as the winner of" the Home" category.

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Our News | EDF Cyclife

Since 2007, Delphine has mainly worked in engineering and construction projects for EDF from Liquified Natural Gas terminal in North of France to New Nuclear Build projects (France, China, Finland and UK) . In her last position prior to Cyclife, Delphine Servot was Project Manager within the Nuclear Fleet Lifespan Extension Program, in charge of engineering and construction projects for environmental compliance and optimization of chemical processes of the 58 French nuclear reactors.

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News | EDF Afrique

This investment in GIBB Power is therefore a natural progression of the relationship... These kits comprise easy-to-install solar panels along with batteries for storing electricity, as well as energy-efficient appliances like radios, TVs, fans, mobile phone chargers and lighting.

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News | EDF Russie

This will allow the station to supply more hydrogen buses, light commercial vehicles, trucks, trains, etc... We believe in the future of hydrogen as an energy source and in Russia's strong export potential in this field- especially considering its rich natural resources, technologies, industries and energy sector.

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News | EDF Pulse Africa

Actually, the excess energy produced can be used to charge a phone or light up a room... And that is why sixteen noticeable jury members sat around the table to express their opinion in light of their previous experience... The refrigerator completely enhances the solar energetic potential's value because the excess production can be used to light up a house or to charge electronic devices.

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5 award-winning projects | EDF Pulse Africa

Kits consisting of solar panels, long-life lithium-ion batteries and LED lamps can provide up to 10 hours of lighting... The fish droppings are collected by a pipe and returned to the plants where they serve as natural fertilizer.

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