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Appointments within the EDF Group Executive Committee | EDF Asie

The Group is involved in supplying energy and services to approximately 37 1 million customers, of which 26 2 million in France. The Group generated consolidated sales of euros 71 billion in 2016 . EDF is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange .

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EDF Fenice energy efficiency services in Italy

The company has approximately 1 200 employees in Italy (1 900 worldwide) and reached a consolidated turnover of 400 million euros in 2015... EDF Fenice offers its customers and partners additional benefits. Investment financing: investment capabilities allow customers to use their equity for their core business.

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Paiement du solde du dividende 2015

The Group is involved in supplying energy and services to approximately 37 6 million customers, of which 27 8 million in France. The Group generated consolidated sales of 75 billion in 2015, of which 47 2 % outside of France .

CP Green Bond - Septembre 2015 - VA

The Group plays a part in supplying energy and services to around 37 8 million customers, 28 3 million of whom are in France. In 2014, it generated turnover of 72 9 billion euros, 45 2 % of which was outside France .


The Group contributes to energy supply and provision of services to around 37 1 million customers, including 26 2 million in France. In 2016, it generated consolidated turnover of 71 billion Euros .

EDF International Networks through two flagship projects in Africa

Analyzing the evolution of the long-term electricity demand and predicting the investment needs over the next 20 years to ensure the supply of power for 6 5 millions of people. Our experts have provided a personalized solution to satisfy customer demand... The decrease of the number of outages and blackouts, losses reduction, decrease of the CAPEX, for total savings of 106 million euros.

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sales down due to a drop in the average number of residential customers In millions of euros Total United Kingdom Q1 2015 *3 375 Q1 2016 2 929 %... Sales were negatively affected by the decrease in the average number of residential customers to 5 2 million, down 4 % compared to the first quarter 2015, due to still highly competitive conditions and to the mild weather . Italy.

Activities relating to the generation and supply of electricity - EDF Belgium

Under the brand Luminus, the company sells electricity, gas and energy services of the highest quality to about 2 million private and business customers, which represents a commercial market share of around 20 %... EDF Luminus sells electricity and gas under the Luminus brand name to approximately 2 million private and business customers.

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EDF energy services : Supporting our clients on a daily basis

Serving nearly 38 million customers worldwide, from households to big industry to communities, we strive to reinvent ourselves continuously to meet their expectations... The EDF Group is developing its gas strategy to ensure the security of gas supply for nearly 6 million customers, its cogeneration plants and its gas-fired power plants worldwide.

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EDF energy strategy : our aims and key figures | EDF Group

Serving nearly 40 million customers around the world means that we have to constantly innovate and reinvent ourselves in order to fulfil their expectations. EDF's carbon footprint is one of the lowest in the world .

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Sylvie Jéhanno is appointed Dalkia's CEO | EDF FR

She later moved into Sales and Marketing, taking charge of a customer relations centre, and then a marketing team responsible for preparing for the liberalisation of the energy market in 1999 . In 2005, she was appointed BtoB Marketing Manager, then Vice President for Key Accounts in 2007 . Since the end of 2011, she has been Senior Vice President for Residential Customers at EDF, in charge of 5 000 employees working for around 25 million customers.

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