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Our News | EDF Cyclife

"Cyclife is pleased to be part of the TRS drums disposal project and congratulates Magnox and Nuclear Waste Services on achieving the important milestone of the first shipment of drums from Winfrith to the Repository site... Through this strategic acquisition, Cyclife a subsidiary of EDF, reaffirms its ambition to become the European leader in the management of radioactive waste and in the deconstruction and dismantling of nuclear facilities, by offering a unique offer integrating digital services dedicated to the control and optimization of these major operations.

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Another milestone has been accomplished in the development of the Son My 1 combined-cycle gas power plant project (2250 MW) in Vietnam. | EDF Asie

The signing of this MOU marks a major milestone by opening the way to the negotiation of different agreements that will ultimately lead to the final investment decision. The project involves the construction and operation, over a 20- year period, of a 2250- MW high-efficiency and environmentally sustainable combined-cycle gas-fired plant, located in the province of Binh Thuan to the north-east of Ho Chi Minh .

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2019 half-year results | EDF Asie

The professionalism of our teams has made possible to achieve major milestones in the Grand Carenage, HPC and Taishan projects, and to bring about some major successes in the solar and off-shore wind power sectors. At the same time, the Group is constantly innovating for energy transition, paving the way for new offers that are totally in step with our clients ' lifestyles .

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The acquisition of Studvisk's waste treatment activity will significantly increase EDF's industrial capacity and represents a major milestone for EDF's development in waste management and decommissioning activities. EDF expects to complete this acquisition after obtaining all necessary authorisations and permits from the relevant authorities for the waste treatment activities in question .

Hinkley Point C nuclear power project achieves latest major milestone on schedule | EDF FR

Hinkley Point C nuclear power project achieves latest major milestone on schedule... This major milestone in nuclear construction was completed by teams who have had to adapt to new Coronavirus working conditions... The commitment of our specialist suppliers across the UK and in Europe has also been instrumental in helping us safely achieve this major milestone.

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