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EDF Pulse Africa Tour | EDF Pulse Africa

"The EDF Pulse Africa Tour "pre- selection stages are being held in the 7 countries where the Group is present, but the principal change is the launch of the EDF Pulse Africa Factory: this year, 4 winners will be able to participate in this acceleration programme, which brings together partners committed to coaching and supporting the growth of African start-ups in the field of energy access.

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EDF launches the 3rd edition of the EDF Pulse Africa Award Competition: call for projects targeting African SMEs and Start-ups from the 29th of May until 8th of July 2019 | EDF France

Identifying potential partners for EDF in Africa by unearthing the continent's technological nuggets. Supporting innovation by offering local entrepreneurs access to EDF's innovation ecosystem... Through this initiative, EDF is seeking to assert its position as an essential player when it comes to driving entrepreneurial innovation in Africa, whilst at the same time expanding the pool of future partners.

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Our activities | Ivory Coast

In Ivory Coast, EDF is helping its local partners to meet high energy demand whilst reducing their carbon impact. Off-grid.


Partnership act4nature France: reduce the main pressure factors | EDF Group

Along with local partners, the Group initiates concrete biodiversity action plans at four nuclear power plants located on the Rhône River. Bugey, Saint-Alban, Cruas and Tricastin .

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