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CIST, the EDF Group power system & transmission engineering

The impact study we conducted in Jamaica to examine the integration of renewables into the transmission grid was able to demonstrate that the target of generating 30 % of electricity from renewable sources by 2030 was achievable. The most appropriate locations have been identified, and the costs calculated .

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United Kingdom: EDF Group accelerates its development of battery storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by acquiring Pivot Power | EDF FR

Battery storage and EV rapid charging infrastructure are two significant enablers for the UK's goals to reach net zero by 2050 . Battery storage integration in the electricity transmission grid will also provide flexible capacity which will enhance the reliability of the network and boost the integration of renewable electricity.

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Activities | EDF FR

Finally, wind and solar power are beginning to show sufficient competitiveness to be integrated into energy plans, but massive integration of intermittent renewables comes with challenges for the grids and markets... To support the social-economic development in South East Asia (SEA) and the expansion of microgrids, in particular in remote areas, the Nanyang Technological University has created the Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator Singapore (REIDS) project.

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