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5 award-winning projects | EDF Pulse Africa

Through the EDF Pulse Africa Awards, the EDF Group supports start-ups in Africa and also associate local entrepreneurs to the development of innovative solutions. The 2018 vintage of this contest is mostly made up of start-ups from English-speaking countries (Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda and Nigeria) .

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Meet africans who innovate | EDF Pulse Africa

With his team, he has created INFINITY SPACE, a start-up that intends to solve the most complex problems in the World with easy to use and beautiful solutions... A huge challenge in regards with the 800 million people and more who have no credit cards to pay online but use local mobile money solutions.

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AutonHome: the connected rehabilitation at home programme - EDF Pulse Awards

In light of this public health crisis, he decided to create, a connected rehabilitation programme at home for people suffering from cognitive disorders (such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease or from the effects of a stroke) . Its specific feature is that it offers personalised exercises based on augmented reality and on an innovative virtualisation of the patients ' familiar environment.

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EDF Fenice energy efficiency services in Italy

Thanks to its expertise, investment capabilities and technology solutions, EDF Fenice can. Apply the best eco-energy solutions... Customising the best contractual solutions in compliance with IFRS standards (International Financial Reporting Standards) :contractual solutions allow customers to achieve the best management of their asset value in their balance sheets.

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Recognised for its expertise and know-how, groSolar originates, develops, constructs, and offers end-to-end solutions for its customers... its North American subsidiary, of an innovative storage system combining battery energy storage and computerized control system... after an interim dividend of 0 57 per share for fiscal year 2015 was paid out in December 2015 . 10 PRESS RELEASE 10 May 2016 EDF is strengthening its commitment to startups and innovative SMEs by joining the Alliance pour l'innovation ouverte (Alliance for Open Innovation) On 1 March 2016.

eco-conception | EDF France

Building a CO 2 neutral energy future that combines protecting the planet, well-being and development through electricity and innovative services and solutions: this is the EDF Group's purpose. Digital technology is a tremendous lever for consuming less energy more efficiently .


EDF and Veolia announce the creation of Waste2Glass: a joint venture to develop innovative radioactive waste treatment solutions | Cyclife

EDF and Veolia announce the creation of Waste2Glass: a joint venture to develop innovative radioactive waste treatment solutions... The partners are thus renewing their joint commitment to developing innovative solutions for the treatment of complex radioactive waste, two years after creating Graphitech, a joint venture dedicated to the development of solutions for the decommissioning of graphite-gas reactors, which has now become a European leader in this field.

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Our Partners | Cyclife

WiseBIM develops innovative solutions, based on artificial intelligence, that facilitate and accelerate the generation of 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) models from existing data such as architectural plans. Energy is our future, save it !.

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EDF Pulse Chile | Chili

EDF with the support of ProChile opened the call for the EDF Pulse Chile Award Competition, an initiative that is being developed for the first time in the country and that seeks to scale innovative solutions that are developing Chilean startups and scaleups that contribute to the construction of a world more electric and environmentally friendly.


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