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The 2018 EDF Pulse Africa Awards | EDF Pulse Africa

For this edition, there will be awarded 3 prizes for the best innovative projects submitted by participants (African strat-up, micro companies and SME), and applicables to the following areas. Off-grid eletricity production: any innovation that produces and/or stores electricity off grid.

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Africa is connected, but it is also digital and innovative, and with the EDF Pulse Africa prize, which adds the theme of energy to this growth, it is an open path to the development of communities through the projects supported. What 's more motivating for an enthusiast like me !.

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EDF Pulse Awards, EDF sparks innovation | EDF France

innovative projects, start-ups, scientists and researchers, all joining forces together to create and invent today the world of tomorrow... highly innovative and promising projects were short-listed by a jury.

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AutonHome: the connected rehabilitation at home programme - EDF Pulse Awards

In light of this public health crisis, he decided to create, a connected rehabilitation programme at home for people suffering from cognitive disorders (such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease or from the effects of a stroke) . Its specific feature is that it offers personalised exercises based on augmented reality and on an innovative virtualisation of the patients ' familiar environment.

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EDF Fenice energy efficiency services in Italy

Investments are customized per project and can include EDF Fenice's own equity as well as third-party equity and project financing... Non- invasive and innovative technologies for soil and groundwater treatment and remediation.

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Inc (groSolar) on 25 April 2016 Power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison Company for a 111MW solar project signed on 7 April 2016 Ramp up in development of low. carbon energy in India and in Egypt Announcement on 20 April 2016 of the signing of the project to acquire Studsvik's decommissioning and radioactive waste management activities in Sweden and in the UK Opening of the Group's research and development centre at Saclay Signing of a strategic partnership with Enbridge for the first three offshore wind farms projects off the French coast.

EDF in Brazil | EDF FR

The second edition of the Pulse Brazil innovation award kicked off on November 2 2020 . The award aims to help Brazilian entrepreneurs and start-ups create innovative energy projects which meet urban and industrial challenges. To compete, the innovative projects need to fit one of two categories, Smart City or Smart Factory, both of which are related to EDF's activities in Brazil.

EDF Pulse Chile awards 2022 | Chili

In the scope of the first edition of EDF Pulse Chile contest, EDF and ProChile award US $15, 000 to two startups for their innovative energy projects... EDF Pulse is an initiative launched by EDF to strive for a carbon-neutral future by supporting young businesses in their innovative projects.


EDF R&D ITech and its training courses | EDF FR

Particularly, the training courses" Integration of renewable energies" and" Value creation in innovative projects" are still renewed. TRAINING COURSES.

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