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EDF launches Metroscope, the artificial intelligence solution that boosts operational excellence for its industrial customers. | EDF France

Metroscope is a real stethoscope for industrial sites that is bound to help them improve their industrial performance and competitivity. This innovative solution helps to enhance the range of services offered to our clients, and means that we can continue to support them now and in the years to come for their future factories" .

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Drones on All Inspection Fronts for EDF

Mobile, manageable and convenient in all environments: drones are wonderful tools for carrying out inspections, mapping and data- gathering on industrial sites... Whether to map a site, check the level of corrosion in a building or detect a leak, drones are increasingly being used by industrial firms.

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LIZN: the earphone that improves hearing - 2018 EDF Pulse Awards

There are many places where background noise affects hearing- restaurants, bars, public transport, schools, open spaces, industrial sites, etc. The LIZN ultra discreet earphones improve communication .

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Despite the drop in Brent prices, Hydrocarbon activities were up thanks to an increase in sales volumes to industrial customers and to strong activity on the wholesale markets . 5 PRESS RELEASE 10 May 2016 Other International... Inc (doing business as" groSolar") ,a player specialised in the development, sale and installation of solar photovoltaic plants for utilities, corporations, and industrial operators.

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Cyclife France | EDF Cyclife

Cyclife France is located at the Centraco industrial site at Codolet (in the Gard department). Employees.

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EDF Fenice energy efficiency services in Italy

Menu. . Return to home. Italy. Sites in France. Sites worldwide. EN. Search. Search. Search. Help & Contact. Activities. Energy efficiency services Italy. You are here. Energy efficiency services Italy. Energy efficiency services Italy. Print. EDF Fenice is the EDF Group's energy services...

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EDF : an integrated energy company in Italy

EDF Fenice manages 80 industrial sites in Italy, Poland and Russia and Spain. CITELUM.

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