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Sponsorship and partnerships | Musée Electropolis

Menu. . Return to home. EN. Search. Search. Search. Help & Contact. You are here. Sponsorship and partnerships. The museum. Sponsorship and partnerships. EDF, major sponsor of the Electropolis Museum. Since 1980, EDF has been supporting the Electropolis Museum in its operation and its investments...

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Nuclear, hydropower, gas, innovation, energy efficiency... EDF activities in Russia, Ukraine and CIS

In addition to working with many of the leading companies in Russia and the CIS in nuclear power, thermal engineering, hydropower and gas, the Group provides energy efficiency services to industrial companies through its subsidiary. The modern world is facing a threefold challenge.

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Circular economy: nothing is wasted, everything can be transformed

Recycling waste heat provides an enormous source of energy, as well as significant savings, which benefit us: all industrial companies, local authorities and the public. Share.

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Electricity trading in North America

Across North America, it supports third party customers and EDF Group companies with a wide range of wholesale market services. Through EDF Energy Services, it executes the Group's strategy for its commercial and industrial, power generation and retail aggregator customers.

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EDF Renewables strengthens its presence in distributed solar power in China with its partner Asia Clean Capital | EDF Asie

Each project, covered by a Power Purchase Agreement with major multinational companies, is located as close as possible to companies and factories who wish to produce and use their own renewable energy- including Danone, Coca Cola and Nestlé, as well as Chinese industrial Groups such as Wahaha and Wuhan Iron & Steel.

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EDF launches the first French microgrid demonstrator operational in Singapore | EDF Asie

On this platform, EDF, at the head of a consortium of French smart grids / smart cities companies, has designed, built and commissioned the MASERA demonstrator within one year, a record time for such a prototype, integrating various innovative solutions... In Singapore, EDF relied on the experience of local companies such as Aurecon, for the detailed technical design and Caxton, for the construction of the MASERA demonstrator.

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Le groupe EDF (1 match)

Generation & engineering | EDF France

We address your challenges in the field by finding competitive and customised solutions that combine cost and industrial risk management, while taking environmental issues into account... As part of their industrial partnership with General Electric, our teams have designed and built a highly-efficient 605- MWe thermal power plant.

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This commitment has led to the creation of several cooperative ventures with scientific and technology institutions, industrial groups and start-ups, and to the company's participation in investment funds such as funds Electranova Capital, created in 2012... The company must respond to major industrial and commercial challenges in an energy sector that is undergoing profound change.

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