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News | EDF Afrique

By teaming up with BBOXX in Togo, the EDF Group has embarked on a new stage of development of its off-grid activities in Africa, which has been constantly speeded up since our Ivory Coast subsidiary, Zeci, was set up less than two years ago. EDF's unparalleled technical capabilities in hydro power schemes, IFC's sector knowledge and structuring capabilities for large infrastructure projects in Emerging Markets, and the Government of Cameroon's support for the development of a strategic asset for the country.

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News | EDF Russie

Michael Riechel, chairman of the executive board of Thüga Aktiengesellschaft stated, "Our long-term target is an H2 quota in the gas grid of up to 100 percent by 2050 . In the test run with a hydrogen addition of up to 20 percent in a section of the network comprising more than 200 domestic customers, Thüga and Heide municipal utility are setting a concrete precedent, the results of which will benefit the just under 100 municipal supply companies belonging to the Thüga Group on their way to creating decarbonised gas grids".

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