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Hydrogen | Chili

The EDF Group has a Low Carbon Hydrogen Plan that aims to develop 3 GW of hydrogen projects through electrolysis worldwide by 2030 . In the case of Chile, the EDF Group is developing green hydrogen infrastructure projects through its subsidiaries EDF Renewables and EDF Andes. Hydrogen infrastructure projects.

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Hydrogen | EDF Germany

EDF and its subsidiaries develop and operate green hydrogen infrastructure projects for industry and mobility, another key part of Germany's clean energy strategy... German companies are involved in the green hydrogen project" Westküste 100", including EDF's subsidiary Hymanics. Hydrogen infrastructure projects.

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Our news and projects | Hynamics

With this, it becomes the first hydrogen project to integrate" the Reallabor der Energiewende" program .[ In French... First-phase installation of a 1 MW renewable hydrogen station for the short circuit supply of 5 buses from the Leo network (Transdev) and light commercial vehicles from autumn 2021 . This station is more widely involved in the creation of a large-scale ecosystem conducive to the emergence of new hydrogen projects to decarbonise uses throughout the territory.


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