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Electricity generation and gas utility in Italy

The current generation fleet consists of 72 hydroelectric plants, 19 thermoelectric plants, 35 wind farms, 5 solar plants and 1 biomass plant... Other important projects under development are the Galsi gas pipeline, to link Algeria to Sardinia and Tuscany, the ITGI gas pipeline, to link Italy and Europe to the Caspian Sea region, and the IGB gas pipeline connecting Greece to Bulgaria.

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Activities relating to the generation and supply of electricity - EDF Belgium

EDF Luminus is the Belgian leader in the field of development and production of green energy, operating onshore wind farms and hydro-electric power stations..., the subsidiary of the EDF Group dedicated to renewable energy, is present in Belgium through its participation in the C-Power project, the largest offshore wind farm in Europe located on the Thornton Bank off Ostend.

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Promoting our low-carbon model around the world | EDF Group

It was built by the EDF Group and commissioned in 2010 . EDF is also involved in a project for the construction of a floating solar power plant on the reservoir of the 240 MW Nam Theun 2 hydroelectric dam... EDF is active in 3 key sectors: nuclear power (construction project of six EPR reactors in Jaitapur), renewable energy (photovoltaic projects in Rajasthan, solar farm in Gujarat, hydroelectric projects in the north-west of India) and services (smart meters and grids).

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