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EDF has strengthened its position in China with two new energy service contracts. | EDF Asie

In 2017, hot functional testing was successfully performed on unit 1, to test the equipment at temperature and pressure levels similar to operating conditions. The expected commercial operation of the reactor will commence in 2018 . Electromechanical assembly is being continued on unit 2, with start-up planned for 2019 . EDF also provides support for the CGN Group with operation of its entire fleet .

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Welds in the main secondary system of the Flamanville EPR: EDF sets up corrective actions and adjusts schedule and target construction costs | EDF France

"The hot tests" are scheduled to commence before the end of 2018. The impact on operations of the two Fessenheim reactors is currently being reviewed, particularly in relation to the French Energy Transition Law for green growth, which caps nuclear electricity generation capacity .

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