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Group employees take to the stage | EDF France

Employees at the heart of the approach. The third annual event has shown that employees are just as enthusiastic as ever, with over 100 projects already presented within the Group's various entities .

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Our responsibility | EDF Cyclife

ISO 9001 (obtained in 2005), demonstrating the company's commitment to placing continuous improvement at the heart of its management approach; and OHSAS 18001 (obtained in 2006), in recognition of its focus on workplace health and safety. These three certifications have been regularly renewed since they were first awarded .

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Electropolis Museum | Musée Electropolis

A visit to the Electropolis Museum located in Mulhouse, puts visitors at the heart of electricity's great adventure. With a fun approach and a spectacular design, the museum caters to all audiences and age groups. It 's the perfect way to understand the mysteries of electricity and learn about the experiments, theories, and great inventions that make up the history of electricity.

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