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EDF launches the first French microgrid demonstrator operational in Singapore | EDF Asie

Thanks to MASERA, EDF whose ambition is to become one of the world leaders in microgrids will improve its knowledge of local markets, reinforce its R&D and demonstrate the reliability of off-grid and microgrid solutions which can be developed in South East Asia, which is at the heart of the Group's international strategy: renewable generation, energy efficiency, smart city".

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The ambitions of EDF Group, as a responsible and efficient electricity producer that champions low carbon growth, are consistent with its CAP 2030 strategy priorities... EDF signed five memoranda of understanding, thereby confirming its strategy for the development of low carbon energy in Egypt... As specified in the initial strategy approved by the ASN, the material sampling and related tests will be extended to three-fourths of the thickness of the part concerned.

Acting as a responsible company | EDF Group

As electricity is an essential commodity, EDF is committed to integrating economic, social, societal and environmental dimensions into the heart of its strategy. Being a benchmark electricity company gives us a unique responsibility .

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