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EDF in Asia : China, Japan, South Korea, South Asia

EDF's activities in Asia are part of a deliberate growth strategy. Under this strategy, the Group is involved in long-term projects, which reflect a spirit of co- operation and partnership, and a commitment to EDF's corporate and environmental values .

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Sylvie Jéhanno is appointed Dalkia's CEO | EDF France

This decision confirms how important Dalkia is in the EDF Group's low carbon growth strategy... "The synergies between Dalkia and the EDF Group consolidate the robustness of the strategy based on low carbon growth".

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The EDF Group launches an offer in cash and shares for EDF Energies Nouvelles | EDF France

EDF Energies Nouvelles will be able to pursue its targeted growth strategy by capitalizing on the EDF Group R&D expertise, its know-how and sound financial base while preserving its own skills as developer, which are key to its success. The increase in its stake in EDF Energies Nouvelles will allow EDF Group to fully benefit from the future value creation of renewable energies .

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International (19 results)

Dalkia Group acquires Fenice Rus | EDF Russie

"The growth of energy services on the international market is one of the key goals of EDF's" Cap 2030 "strategy. Hence we rely on EDF's worldwide established network to create long-term growth drivers and make full use of synergies .


The EDF Group enters into wind energy in China, the world's largest renewable energy market | EDF Asie

China has become the world's leading renewable energy market, with strong growth expected in the coming years... In the framework of EDF's strategy CAP 2030, our goal is to accelerate our low-carbon generation, with a diversified energy mix where nuclear and renewable energy balance other... This country where we have been present for more than 30 years, is providing to the Group significant growth opportunities and we are delighted to boost our presence in renewable energy sources.

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Overview of EDF in North and South America

The EDF Group can benefit from the strong economic growth of the countries where it is present, and provides solutions to answer the needs of economies engaged in energy transitions and looking for low carbon models... Our strategy focuses on customers to ensure they receive the highest-quality energy services and tools to manage their needs.

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The ambitions of EDF Group, as a responsible and efficient electricity producer that champions low carbon growth, are consistent with its CAP 2030 strategy priorities. ---Proximity to customers and local communities; Low carbon generation, with a balanced mix of nuclear and renewable energy; International expansion . An action plan was presented to the Board of Directors which includes.

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