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Performance: Greenhouse effect gas emissions | EDF Group

Greenhouse effect gas emissions. Greenhouse effect gas emissions... EDF group greenhouse effect gas emissions... (2) Estimation 2020, EU- 27, European Environment Agency, Greenhouse gas emission intensity of electricity generation by country, Oct 2021.

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Climate International Observatory - Production of CO2 and energies

When switching from positions of principle to the need to build different types of electric power station" to reduce greenhouse gas emissions", respondents expressed a more open-minded opinion. As concerns nuclear, there is majority support for the construction of power plants as a substitute for gas or coal in 26 of the 30 countries questioned .

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Decarbonising industry to make it more efficient | EDF FR

In France, industry accounts for nearly 20 % of greenhouse gas emissions 1 . This is the 4th highest emitting sector after transport, agriculture and building. Reducing industrial CO 2 emissions is a key challenge for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 . The EDF Group is committed to supporting industrial players in identifying and implementing sector solutions with a view to reducing their carbon footprint .

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