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Partnership act4nature: reduce main pressure factors | EDF Group

The EDF Group works jointly with IUCN to develop by 2021 guidelines in favour of biodiversity in the fields of wind and solar power. In Laos, the EDF Group, with the support of its stakeholders, proposed the listing of the Nakai Nam Theun national park on the IUCN 2022 Green List of protected areas.

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News | EDF Middle East

Electricite De France (EDF Group) announced, that they have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with DUBAL Holding to explore possible collaboration in respect of the development of thermal power plants, grid connection systems, district cooling and sustainable energy solutions in the broader GCC, as well as "green" and electricity business opportunities in Brazil and elsewhere.

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Renewable Energy in the North and South America

EDF Renewable Energy can provide its experience in green field biomass and biogas development projects as well as retrofitting fossil-fired generation facilities to also run on biofuel. EDF Renewable Energy owns and operates one 40 MW biogas (LFG) powerplant and one 51 MW biomass project that began commercial operations in 2007 . Located in Pennsylvania, the projects collectively are capable of processing 20 million standard cubic feet per day (the equivalent of about 50 MW) of raw LFG and digester gas .

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News | EDF Pulse Africa

To help the project to succeed and to make green energy more accessible, Winsol will be supported during one year by emlyon campus Casablanca. Six months after the beginning of a challenge that mobilized more than 530 African entrepreneurs, the 10 finalists of EDF Pulse Africa gathered in Paris to promote their project in front of the Great Jury on November, the 21 st.

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