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Another milestone has been accomplished in the development of the Son My 1 combined-cycle gas power plant project (2250 MW) in Vietnam. | EDF Asie

On the 2nd of November 2018, during the official visit of France's Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to Vietnam, EDF, on behalf of the consortium in charge of the development of the Son My 1 gas-fired combined-cycle facility, and the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) setting out the general framework for the project.

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which will contribute to the preparation and implementation of decisions taken by the Nuclear Policy Council (Conseil de Politique Nucléaire... Industry and the Digital Sector, which aims to promote innovation by defining a framework of good practices between large companies and startups or SMEs... changes in the competitive and regulatory framework of the energy markets.

Partnership act4nature France: reduce the main pressure factors | EDF Group

EDF Group already has one of the best low-carbon generation mixes in Europe and the world* . To work towards the Paris Agreement goal of limiting the increase in global average temperature to 1 5 °C, EDF Group has committed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through: reducing its direct CO2 emissions to zero or close to zero; reducing its indirect emissions as much as possible within the framework of national policies in force; and offsetting residual emissions through negative emission projects.

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Risk-BU & Carmen | EDF FR

set the overall framework within which Group entities operate (in terms of energy generation, optimisation and marketing) and interact with EDF Trading... The policy is supported by a system of risk measurement and risk indicators, with alert procedures that are triggered to notify the Group management team of any risk threshold being exceeded.

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EDF welcomes the publication by the European Commission of the latest Energy Union package | EDF FR

The package establishes a new framework for energy efficiency and renewable energy by 2030 . It is important to reconcile this framework with an ambitious reform of the European system of emissions quotas, in order to achieve a significant CO 2 price signal as quickly as possible. EDF welcomes the publication by the European Commission of the latest Energy Union package.

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