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Saint-Dizier maintenance base | EDF Cyclife

The Saint-Dizier maintenance base offers flexible modular capabilities, can be adapted to a wide range of operations, and has the extensive logistical resources it needs to receive equipment, and dispatch it to customer sites within short turnaround times... Utilities: provision of utility equipment for maintenance work (water, air, electricity, tenting, radiological protection, consumables, etc .).

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Consortium of EDF, Masdar and Green of Africa named as successful bidder for Morocco's landmark Noor Midelt I solar project with an installed capacity of 800 MW, a world first hybrid solar and storage technology | EDF Asie

The combined operation of photovoltaic and CSP* technologies increases the plant's output to produce a flexible, dispatchable and competitive electricity for the Moroccan grid until five hours after sunset. The plant will be located 20km north of the town of Midelt in central Morocco, in the high plains surrounding the Moulouya River and between the Middle and High Atlas Mountains .

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EDF intends to become Europe's leading e-mobility energy company by 2022. | EDF Asie

After launching the Plan Solaire (Solar Plan) in December 2017 and the Plan Stockage Electrique (Electricity Storage Plan) in March 2018, this third plan in support of the energy transition confirms the Group's leading role in the generation of CO2-free power and the development of new electricity applications.

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Production of electricity from renewables and hydropower Africa

A flexible and ecological way to produce and store electricity. EDF provides also technical assistance and conception engineering for the recommissioning and remote control of the Office National de l'Electricité et de l'Eau Potable (ONEE) hydroelectricity power plants .

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Find out EDF Pulse Africa Awards' finalists | EDF Pulse Africa

NDOTO is a smart electricity meter, equipped with a 3G / 2G module that allows wireless communication with a web platform through any local GSM network to enable accurate and real-time reading of energy monitoring (voltage, voltage, amperage...) . Thanks to this system, any user can view the electricity consumption of all his equipment in real time.

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Flexible Generation | Chili

Through, the Group has been supplying competitive and reliable energy since 2018 . The company, which has three thermal plants with a total capacity of 750 MW located in strategic points of the National Electricity System, aims to become a leader in the market through innovation towards a more sustainable energy matrix, developing an extensive portfolio of photovoltaic projects to complement its thermal plants.

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135m of UK net power sales on the wholesale electricity markets (excluding trading activities) relating to Q1 2015 have been reclassified from energy purchases to sales The Group's first quarter 2016 sales were 21 4bn... The ambitions of EDF Group, as a responsible and efficient electricity producer that champions low carbon growth, are consistent with its CAP 2030 strategy priorities.

Future of nuclear energy : our approach to research | EDF Group

NUWARDTM will provide great added value in the decarbonisation of the world energy mix, with a sustainable and flexible energy solution for industrial sites, remote areas with limited electric grids and heavily carbonised electricity networks. Beyond electricity production, NUWARDTM will support multipurpose uses (hydrogen production, heat, desalinization, etc .) .

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EDF fully mobilised to make the European Green Deal a reality | EDF FR

EEDF is the European leader of carbon free electricity with 90 % decarbonised generation mix thanks to the synergy between renewables and increasingly flexible nuclear energy. Without EDF, CO 2 emissions in Europe would be 15 % higher, and the continent would be more dependent on imported fossil energy .

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