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Our offers for mobility | Hynamics

You are an operator of a fleet of captive and private vehicles willing to move towards low-carbon mobility. Our offer: installation of electrolysers and refueling stations.

  2. Hynamics

Low-carbon hydrogen | EDF FR

Today, local mobility projects (powering bus fleets, refuse collection vehicles, trucks) with a few MW of electrolysis have already been established in France. In the longer term, the most significant opportunities will very probably be related to the use of e-fuels, synthetic fuels derived from hydrogen (e-ammonia, e-methanol or e-kerosene) in maritime transport and aviation .

  2. The EDF Group
  3. Inventing the future of energy

Energy efficiency companies : energy efficiency with EDF

Are you interested in electrifying your fleet of vehicles ? Take advantage of the EDF Group's sustainable mobility expertise and benefit from a global solution, from the supply of green electricity to the installation of charging terminals designed in accordance with your business practices .

  2. The EDF Group
  3. Supporting our clients on a daily basis

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