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Report financial results and financial related issue to the board of directors... Report financial results and financial related issue to the board of directors.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) | EDF Luminus

The actual dividend is in case determined by the shareholders themselves during the annual general meeting on the basis of the financial results. The return of a recognised cooperative company is legally limited to 6 % .

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Corporate Social Responsibility : commitments and achievements of EDF Luminus

Sustainable development: regular assessments and concrete results. In order to contribute to sustainable development, both for the company and the society as a whole, EDF Luminus committed in 2012, as part of its Corporate Social Responsability policy, to inform stakeholders about the evolution of its financial environmental and social outcomes.

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News | EDF Asie

EDF 's Board of Directors meeting on 15 February 2018, under the chairmanship of Jean Bernard Lévy, approved the consolidated financial statements at 31 December 2017... In line with our forecasts, the 2017 results demonstrate EDF 's solidity, once again profitable, in a difficult market context. Continuing the deployment of its CAP 2030 strategy and the successful execution of its performance plan, the Group strengthened its balance sheet and reduced its financial debt by euros 4.4bn in 2017 . We are beginning an unprecedented acceleration in renewable energies with the launch of EDF 's Solar Plan, at the same time that we are strengthening our commercial initiatives.

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News | EDF Russie

The signing ceremony was held amid a meeting of the Franco Russian Economic, Financial, Industrial and Trade Council (CEFIC) in the presence of both the French Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs Emmanuel Macron and Russian Minister for Economic Development and Trade Alexey Ulyukaev.

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Clarifications on Hinkley Point C project | EDF Asie

The estimated additional costs2 result mainly from a better understanding of the design adaptated to the requirements of the British regulators, the volume and sequencing of work on site and the gradual implementation of supplier contracts... The Group maintains its financial targets as described in the 9 May 2017 press release.

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EDF Fenice energy efficiency services in Italy

Customising the best contractual solutions in compliance with IFRS standards (International Financial Reporting Standards) :contractual solutions allow customers to achieve the best management of their asset value in their balance sheets. Win-win results: pricing solutions through fixed and variable tariffs for services allow customer to get real benefits and performances.

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EDF management team in North and South America

Under his leadership, Poland became a priority country for the EDF Group resulting in more than doubling the investment program to over euros 550 million for 2014... From 1998 to 1999, Philippe held the role of Senior Project Manager and Financial Advisor in EDF 's International Division where, among other responsibilities, he led the project team for the acquisition of.

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News | EDF Afrique

The three winners chosen by the panel won grants ranging from 5 000 to 15 000 Euros, and will also be supported to access EDF 's innovation ecosystem and establish links with French and international financial institutions... This signature is the result of the negotiation of 4 contracts, including in particular the purchase of electricity, the connection to the public electricity transmission network and the dispatch of electrical energy.

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