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Our News | EDF Cyclife

The software bricks and services offered by Quadrica are great tools for decision support or site preparation that we will integrate into Cyclife's unique offer to optimize, in a systemic logic, dismantling and waste treatment ."... Waste2Glass is now ready to study and develop a unique and concrete solution for some specific radioactive waste treatment before final disposal and to promote the GeoMelt ® promising solution.

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Clarifications on Hinkley Point C project | EDF Asie

The review of the costs and timetable of the HPC project, undertaken after EDF's final investment decision in September 2016, in conjunction with the project company (NNB) teams, concluded that. The milestone for the first nuclear safety concrete for the building of Unit 1, scheduled for mid 2019, is confirmed, assuming that the final design, which is on a tight schedule, is completed by the end of 2018 .

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Another milestone has been accomplished in the development of the Son My 1 combined-cycle gas power plant project (2250 MW) in Vietnam. | EDF Asie

The signing of this MOU marks a major milestone by opening the way to the negotiation of different agreements that will ultimately lead to the final investment decision. The project involves the construction and operation, over a 20- year period, of a 2250- MW high-efficiency and environmentally sustainable combined-cycle gas-fired plant, located in the province of Binh Thuan to the north-east of Ho Chi Minh .

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EDF, the CEA and AREVA establish the French Nuclear Platform ("Plateforme France Nucléaire ")In order to develop aligned positions to meet the major challenges facing the French nuclear sector and to prepare the appropriate decisions. EDF, the CEA and AREVA announced on 31 March 2016 their decision to found the French Nuclear Platform ("Plateforme France Nucléaire "-PFN), a tripartite body to discuss the major transversal topics for the nuclear sector in France and abroad.

Hinkley Point C : EDF's Board of Directors approves the final investment decision | EDF FR

EDF's Board of Directors approves the final investment decision... At its meeting on 28 July 2016, EDF's Board of Directors made the final investment decision and gave the President the authorisation to ensure its full execution in the framework of the signature process of all the contracts and agreements necessary to build the two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C (HPC) in Somerset, in south-west England.

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