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What is significant with the EDF Pulse Africa Awards is that, first, they are focused on the energy sector, which allows us to go further than generic awards; and secondly", the prize money" is associated with real field expertise through the support of the laureates... Afrobytes is an agency that has the particularity of bringing together people who share a tremendous energy and the will to move the lines on the African continent, whether in the fields of innovation or new technologies.

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EDF International Networks: our 3 levels of commitment for electric systems in Africa

Suggesting improvement points for your network in Africa, regardless of the field, and contributing to raising the level of skills of your teams, these are our commitments. EDF International 's activities in electricity networks Networks. 3 levels of commitment in Africa. Our activities in electricity networks rely on a rich experience of over 70 years and on the capitalization of the acquired know-how of EDF, an international leader.

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process engineer - edf china

Your will also consists in developing project related to the previous fields. Your expertise will contribute to studies, covering modelling, experimental pilots or industrial projects... YOUR JOB You will work in the Production team, EDF China R&D Centre in Beijing... Understand the mainstream energy efficiency technologies and equipments with original views on the global and Chinese market Develop projects related to the energy efficiency field Technical support to renewable activities.


This agreement will enable both companies to pool their expertise and to grow their activity in order to become benchmark operators in the sector... The purpose of this agreement is also to initiate discussions with the local authorities in the field of smart grids. down 6 0 % in organic terms 1. in an unfavourable environment in Europe o o o.

New commercial success for Cyclife : EDF and Westinghouse Electric Spain are awarded a nuclear dismantling engineering contract in Spain | Cyclife

With 9 dismantling projects underway in France, 6 of which involve gas-cooled reactors, EDF possesses unique expertise in this field and is aspiring to become a leader on the emerging dismantling market. We are proud to be working with WES on the Vandellòs project and to be providing ENRESA with the best practices developed during our dismantling projects" .

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EDF strives to double its turnover by 2025 for energy services aimed at businesses and local authorities | EDF FR

EDF has set itself the goal of doubling its turnover for energy services by 2025, then to achieve a turnover of 11 billion Euros by 2030 . To establish its position in this field, EDF is launching EDF Solutions Energétiques, a new banner that highlights its expertise and the skills boasted by its subsidiaries, by boosting the profile of each of its brands.

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EDF Power Generation Expertise | EDF FR

We are recognized for our expertise in the field of electrotechnics and mechanics of structures, knowledge of the industrial fabric and mastery of the rules of the art. We have a technical know-how proven by the industrial studies conducted for EDF's generating fleet over the past 30 years .

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