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EDF Group's raison d'être

Since 2013, we have realised four Green Bond emissions, allowing us to raise 4 5 billion euros, which have been used to finance nearly 25 wind and solar projects worldwide and more than 400 renovation, modernization and development operations of existing hydraulic structures in France. The emission of 4 5 million tonnes of CO 2 was thus avoided .

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Hydroelectric power plant : energy storage and generation | EDF Group

Hydroelectric plant structures kept under close watch. Controlling the risks associated with the operation of hydroelectric structures depends on the quality of their construction, but also on permanent monitoring, for which EDF is responsible... In mainland France, EDF is seeking to increase the performance of existing power plants by modernising them (euros 370 million invested in 2018), while also developing storage capacity and small hydroelectric plants.

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  4. Doubling the share of renewable energies by 2030
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Cyclife at the 13th edition of Kontec | Cyclife

Thanks to proper planning and characterisation it was possible to categorise materials and building structures based on risk for radioactivity. The decommissioning was carried out according to existing waste route.

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