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EDF Fenice energy efficiency services in Italy

EDF Fenice also provides a wide range of environmental services such as industrial waste management and intermediation, consultancy services, monitoring, sampling and analysis, and remote web data management... Customising the best contractual solutions in compliance with IFRS standards (International Financial Reporting Standards) :contractual solutions allow customers to achieve the best management of their asset value in their balance sheets.

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CP Green Bond - Septembre 2015 - VA

Building upon the blueprint set by its November 2013 issue, this transaction demonstrates EDF's continued commitment to the development of the Green Bond market and the promotion of best market standards, in line with (2) the Green Bond Principles... EDF will regularly disclose information pertaining to allocated amounts as well as to the portfolio of Green Bondfinanced projects and to associated environmental benefits.


Following an extensive local consultation and broad engineering and environmental studies performed since 2011, these three projects are progressing as planned... The standard 209 annual working days is consistent with the practices of other major French companies.

Acting as a responsible company | EDF Group

As the operator of the largest electricity generation fleet in Europe, EDF performs its duties with a constant concern for the safety of production facilities and people, and in strict compliance with environmental standards. Specific challenges of non- interconnected areas.

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EDF announces reaching a key milestone in the sale process of its stake in Dunkirk LNG | EDF FR

We have extensive first-hand experience with the facility as we have been partner from the very onset and we are committed to move its business forward while ensuring a top-notch operational record with clients and high safety and environmental standards. The Dunkirk LNG terminal will also benefit from the LNG expertise within the Fluxys group and especially at the Zeebrugge LNG terminal .

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EPR reactor | EDF South Africa

The EPR reactor has been designed with the highest standards of safety as well as optimized technical, economic and environmental performance... Entirely based upon the fully proven EPR design, the EPR1200 benefits from EPR's robustness at a power output of 1200 MWe (instead of 1650), with the highest standards of safety as well as optimized technical, economic and environmental performance.

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