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Jean Bernard Levy's business trip in Morocco | EDF Afrique

Following the Marrakech COP 22, EDF is committed to developing its business to support the energy transition and economic development of the Kingdom of Morocco. Jean Bernard Levy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group, attended the 20 th anniversary of EDF's presence in Morocco on 5 and 6 January in Casablanca and Rabat .

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The EDF Group enters the Egyptian renewable energy market | EDF Afrique

We are proud to support the energy transition in Egypt thanks to renewable projects with a local industrial partner, which is in line with the Group's CAP 2030 strategy". *The PPA covers a capacity expressed in MWac, the standard measure of alternating current .

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EDF provides energy solutions and services from production to distribution

Benefiting from extraordinary natural conditions, especially sun and wind, the Middle East region has started its energy transition for which we can bring our well-recognised expertise. EDF is involved in the Middle East through major energy projects for more than 30 years .

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Services in North and South America

We 've been involved in every major energy transition since 1937 and now bring the market a comprehensive set of energy services to your building- which includes a range of supply and demand solutions. In this changing energy world and with a comprehensive approach, Dalkia can be your trusted expert .

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