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Climate International Observatory - Contents - 2020 | EDF France

The environment, even if it might slow down economic growth in your country and cause job losses... The environment will take priority, even if this causes economic growth to slow down and jobs to be lost... Emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO 2.

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Our scientific community | EDF FR

As part of the fight against climate change, CCGS technology (Carbon Capture and Geological Storage) is considered to be a necessary solution for lowering CO2 emissions caused by human activities. Unlike photovoltaic systems, which can lose 80 % of their power in a matter of seconds during periods of cloud cover, thermodynamic solar plants have a thermal inertia that curbs intermittent production .

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Obs'COP 2021 : Despite the increase in extreme climate events, citizen mobilization for climate change is not growing | EDF FR

While it was thought that the world's population would be increasingly convinced of the existence of climate change caused by human activity- and 66 % are indeed convinced of this- instead we are seeing a growth in climate skepticism... While the public are able to correctly identify (at a rate of over 80 %) CO 2 emissions resulting from industry, electric power plants running on fossil fuels, transportation and deforestation, they are less convinced about the impact of heating and air conditioning (65 %, of which 21 %"" a lot) . As for the role played by agriculture and digital tech, these seem less important (respectively 45 % and 42 %).

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Climate International Observatory - Acting on a daily basis

In the 2020 study, it was stated that CO2 emissions, for example, were only mentioned by 62 % as a cause of climate change, whereas inaccurate factors such as heat production or the hole in the ozone layer were still mentioned respectively by 43 % and 32 % . In 2021, we see that for the very large majority of the public, CO2 emissions are primarily due to industry, fossil-fuel-fired power plants, deforestation and transport, i .e . in the case of the first three, factors on which consumers don't have a direct influence.

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