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EDF intends to become Europe's leading e-mobility energy company by 2022. | EDF Asie

EDF and German- based start-up Ubitricity have been commercial and technological partners since 2014 . Ubitricity has developed an innovative solution to convert existing streetlights into charging points and delivered several projects in Europe and across the world... EDF, the low carbon energies champion and Valeo, the leader in high and medium voltage electrification, have formed a partnership to monitor the development of future battery technologies and charging solutions, as well as the development of mobility services.

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Giving access to electricity to the largest number of people

We apply our experience to rural electrification projects that promote clean energy, through decentralised service and production companies set up in partnership with local enterprises. EDF is a leading player on the solar home system market, giving access to electricity to households .

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