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EDF : an integrated energy company in Italy

Today, through Edison, the second largest integrated electricity company in Italy, EDF Fenice, an energy and environmental services company, and EDF EN Italia Spa, a subsidiary of EDF Energies Nouvelles dealing with wind turbines and photovoltaic panels, EDF is committed to investing in sustainable industrial growth in Italy.

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Sub Saharan Africa has limited access to electricity... providing solar kits with pay-as-you-go systems for households. and has developed a 46 MW power plant generating electricity from agriculture residue biomass (Biovea... Masdar is a leading developer and operator of utility-scale, grid-tied projects, small-scale applications that provide energy access to communities away from the electricity grid, and carbon abatement projects.


Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator .- On 7 April 2016, the signing of a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in the United States between EDF Renewable Energy and Southern California Edison (SCE), a local investor-owned utility. 135m of UK net power sales on the wholesale electricity markets (excluding trading activities) relating to Q1 2015 have been reclassified from energy purchases to sales The Group's first quarter 2016 sales were 21 4bn.

CIST, the EDF Group power system & transmission engineering

The Power System and Transmission Engineering Centre: delivering expertise in 40 countries. As the transmission engineering and expertise centre for the EDF Group, the Power System & Transmission Engineering Centre (CIST) is the focus for all the specialist disciplines involved in power transmission (power systems and transmission grids).

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United Arab Emirates | United Arab Emirates

From Low-carbon energy production, carbon capture through transmission and distribution networks to energy efficiency services, EDF Group is active in 5 key sectors in the Middle east. The Group supports the government and the industries to meet their energy sustainable goals, to create and optimize the region's low-carbon electricity production as well as to create smart cities and generate energy savings to better serve the population.

United Kingdom: EDF Group accelerates its development of battery storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by acquiring Pivot Power | EDF FR

There are plans to install batteries connected directly to the high-voltage transmission system- with a total capacity of up to 2 GW . The first two storage projects at Kemsley (Kent) and Cowley (Oxford) have land, planning and grid connection agreements in place and are expected to be commissioned in 2020 . As part of its projects, Pivot Power will develop a private wire infrastructure to enable, among other opportunities, the development of mass rapid charging points across the UK.

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