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EDF Group's Stakeholder Advisory Commitee

During the second meeting, the stakeholder advisory committee focused on the topic of renewable energies and more particularly on the EDF group's strategy and its CSR challenges in wind and solar energies industries... During the first session, the stakeholder advisory committee focused on goals pertaining to the Group's social responsibility commitments, which seek to implement the principles of EDF's Raison d'être that was adopted in May 2020.

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EDF launches an inaugural landmark offering of green bonds (OCEANEs Vertes) and announces its intention to issue two new tranches of Euro-denominated Hybrid Notes | EDF FR

As a core component of its Cap 2030 strategy, EDF has set itself the goal in 2015 of doubling its net installed renewables capacity to more than 50GW in 2030 . With this Offering, the first convertible bond issued by EDF and the first green convertible bond of a jumbo size ever issued, the Company reaffirms its ambitions in renewable energy and its commitment" to build a net zero energy future with electricity and innovative solutions and services, to help save the planet and drive wellbeing and economic development" as stated in its raison d'être.

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