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Hydroelectricity: EDF hydro engineering, 4 customised service offerings in Asia

Our teams tailor their solutions to the technical, economic, regulatory, environmental and societal requirements specific to projects on the Asian continent. In order to do this, our engineers design customised, innovative and reliable solutions .

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Generic Design Assessment process to begin for UK HPR1000 nuclear technology | EDF Asie

All nuclear operators in the UK must work within this strict regulatory framework, and all reactor designs satisfy the safety, security and environmental requirements of the Generic Design Assessment process... As well as successful completion of the GDA process, other requirements include development consent, site licensing and environmental permits.


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Follow up the technical and economic development of EV in China, carry out watches and business analysis of EV and mobility as a service related business... Provide financial comments on risk management, taxation, and accounting at China Division level, to ensure the compliance with EDF Group requirement and responsible laws and regulations.

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